Our service packages are not intended to repair a faulty hot tub, but to deep clean, test and make your hot tub a clean & safe place to relax in. For repairs please click here.

Without regular care and maintenance, your tub’s complex pipe-work will eventually develop a build-up of dirt and debris commonly referred to as bio-film that contains parasites, viruses, bacteria and mould – all of which are extremely difficult to remove.


Simply draining and re-filling your spa will not tackle the build up of contaminants within the pipe work. Having your hot tub serviced at least annually will dramatically help towards keeping your hot tub an appealing place to be, giving you the peace of mind that there is nothing nasty lurking in the water and that each of the electrical components have been tested and are working safely.

Our standard service options are listed below, please contact us to arrange your service.


Drain & Clean

Full Cleaning Service Comprising of:

Remove & Chemically Treat Filters

Remove & Clean Headrests

Full Flush Treatment

Full Drain Down

Removal of all Residual Water

Clean Cabinet & Panels

Clean & UV Protect Lid

Acrylic Water Line Cleaned

Rinse & Re-fit Filters

Air Controller Function Check

Water Diverter Function Check

Short Service

Drain & Clean Package Plus:

Inspection of Heater Tube & Terminals

All Pumps Inspected for Sign of Leakage

All Plumbing Unions Tightened

Fresh Spa Water Replenishment

Water Chemistry Shock Treatment

All Pump Airlocks Removed

All Valves Checked

Complete Spa Running Function Test

Check & Adjust Spa Time Function

Full Service

Both Previous Packages Plus:

Installation of New Heater Tube Seals

Filter/ Circulation Impeller Inspected

Electrical Component Check






Prices are subject to hot tub location*

Drain & Clean Package

Short Service

Full Service




Above price apply to the listed service when the Hot Tub location is within than 20 miles of DN21 1LT.

Outside of this area mileage fees apply. Please contact us for a price when outside of this area.

Hibernation / Awakening

The evenings are getting lighter, the frost has gone and you are starting to remember that you enjoy spending time in your garden. Now is the best time to start up your hot tub after a winterisation.

We personally believe that the best time of the year to use a hot tub is in the cold season, however some of our customers shut down their spas over the winter months, solely draining and turning off your hot tub can result in issues. It is important to fully winterise a hot tub to ensure that damage arising from freezing conditions and poor weather is prevented. Winterising your hot tub correctly will give the best protection during the period your spa is shut down.

Prior to attending the site

Please ensure that your hot tub is full prior to our attendance. We need the hot tub full as we will chemically treat this water to flush through the pipework. We will then drain that water ready for us to re fill with fresh.

We will require access to normal plug in power to allow us to operate our tooling.

We will need access to the main power switch for the hot tub; this is normally known as the RCD and is not the isolation switch located outside.

We will need access to a water supply to use for filling the spa; we generally also request that a hose pipe is available.