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Need a Hot Tub relocation in the Lincolnshire area?

We offer a relocation service for all shapes and sizes of hot tubs. With our dedicated trailer and dolly system your hot tub will be in safe hands from start to finish.

Call us now on 01427 370599 for your free no obligation quotation.

How will you move my hot tub?

We will send a two man team to the location of your hot at a time and date that suits you. This can be any hour of the day so long as we have daylight.

Using an air bag and jack we will lift the hot tub safely into a vertical position on to our tailor built dolly, or for uneven ground we have a specially designed sledge to tackle the roughest terrains.


From there we will manoeuvre your hot tub onto our trailer, it will then be supported safely using our straps and protective equipment.

Once we arrive at the final destination the process will be completed in reverse and the hot tub placed in the exact position you choose.

We can also fully commission and clean your hot tub if you would like us too.

To book your relocation or to make an enquiry please contact us here or call 01427 370599.

Examples of past relocations.

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