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Smart Tablet

Finance for your purchase.

0% APR and interest bearing options available.

Available on all orders £1000 and over up to a maximum of £50,000.

Use Aquasparkle Instant Filter Cleaner as part of a regular cleaning routine for your hot tub filter cartridges. Instant filter cleaner will rapidly rmove grease and oil from the filter cartridges so should be used on a fortnightly basis, or more frequently if your hot tub sees heavy usa. Remoove filters from the filter compartment and hose down with fresh water to remove loose matter. Thoroughly spray filters with Instant Filter Cleaner, taking care to penetrate the veins. Leave the filters to stand for 15 minutes, the hose down thoroughly with fresh water. Regular chemical cleaning of the filters will help promote sparkling spa water that is easier to maintain.

Filter Spray Cleaner 500ml

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