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Smart Tablet

Finance for your purchase.

0% APR and interest bearing options available.

Available on all orders £1000 and over up to a maximum of £50,000.

All-seater design that can host up to 7 people, with three-colour options for the shell and one for side panels. Featuring 48 jets with an array of formations and the Ozone water clarifier to keep your water clean.

2 x 2HP LX Pumps – equipped with the industry’s most advanced pumps and a 3KW heater in combination with the Platinum Premium Shield insulation to keep your water warm.

2023 Colombo

  • 210 x 210 x 95cm


    48 Jets

    32 AMP

    7 people (7 seats)

    3 colour options

    Maintenance free cabinet

    Dual filtration system


    2 x 2HP Pumps


    Platinum Premium Shield Insulation

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