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0% APR and interest bearing options available.

Available on all orders £1000 and over up to a maximum of £50,000.

The Vian Power 500  is a great starting point when switching to an air source heat pump and being very small, compact and discreet it can fit virtually to any hot tub as long as there is enough space. With an operating range down to -5 degrees, this option will work all year round and at 48db at 1m it is pretty quiet. With its simple on/off system it works at full power to heat your tub quickly and efficiently. With great warranty and back up its no surprise this is a very popular Air Source Heat Pump for your hot tub and it will save you money on your hot tubs heating making those electricity bills a lot cheaper.

5KW VP500 On/Off Type

  • Ambient

    Air Temp

    KW out

    on/off mode

    C.O.P @

    100% Power

    25°C 4.78 6.16
    20°C 4.23 5.45
    15°C 3.68 4.72
    10°C 3.16 4.14
    5°C 2.64 3.53
    0°C 2.12 2.94
    -5°C 1.68 2.31
    -10°C / /


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