The O782 Elite hot tub comes with 7 seats, perfect for any occasion and was designed with two criteria in mind: maximum capacity and significant massage power.


Each seat of the O782 Elite offers a different massage experience thanks to their unique jet formations, so you will enjoy a completely different treatment of the back in every position.


The volcano jet is equipped as standard on this model and thanks to a regulating valve, you can use this jet to massage not only specific areas of the back, but also the thighs, calves and feet. This allows the O782 Elite to offer an excellent leg massage, usually reserved for hot tubs with an extended lounger seat.

Be Well 0782 Elite Hot Tub

  • 221 x 221 x 92cm

    7 person (7 seat)

    82 jets

    4 pumps (3 water, 1 air)

    Illuminated controllers

    Illuminated waterfalls

    Volcano jet

    BeWell touch control panel

    BeWell sound with subwoofer