If you're looking for a spa that combines a large capacity and a powerful massage, the O681 Elite hot tub is for you. The spa is equipped with 3 hydraulic pumps of 4HP each, accompanied by an air pump of 1HP.


The O681 Elite comes with 1 lounger and 5 seats, the former equipped with double rows of jets under the legs which allows the user to obtain a particularly effective massage. The two corner seats have distinct functions; one is focused on massaging the lower back with large jets at the lumbar level, while the second set treats the upper back and shoulders.

Be Well 0681 Elite Hot Tub

  • 221 x 221 x 92cm

    6 person (1 lounger, 5 seat)

    81 jets

    4 pumps (3 water, 1 air)

    Illuminated controllers

    Illuminated waterfalls

    Volcano jet

    BeWell touch control panel

    BeWell sound with subwoofer