The O665 Luxury hot tub comes with 1 lounger and 5 seats, perfect for a family. This spa is the mid-range of the O600 series, and perhaps the most balanced.


The O665 Luxury's lounger seat offers a dual row of jets for your legs, providing an excellent massage of the lower body, and a venturi valve to control the power of the massage.


This spa is equipped with 2 pumps of 4HP each, as well as an air pump of 1HP.

Be Well 0665 Luxury Hot Tub

  • 221 x 221 x 92cm

    6 person (1 lounger, 5 seat)

    65 jets

    3 pumps (2 water, 1 air)

    Illuminated controllers

    Illuminated waterfalls

    BeWell colour control panel