The O578C Elite hot tub comes with 2 loungers and 3 seats, perfect for a family. This spa is an evolution of the model O567C, taking the same engine but adding in a series of 10 additional jets. Like its little brother, this spa is equipped with 2 x 4HP massage pumps and 1 x 1HP air pump.


The O578C Elite takes size into consideration, its dimensions allowing it to pass through most any standard entrance door. That isn't to say its size prevents it from giving a high performance experience, however, with its volcano jet able to provided directed pressure to any area as well as a variety of jet formations to work your back, shoulders, calves, thighs, and feet.

Be Well 0578C Elite Hot Tub

  • 199 x 199 x 82cm

    5 person (2 lounger, 3 seat)

    78 jets

    3 pumps (2 water, 1 air)

    Illuminated controllers

    Illuminated waterfalls

    Volcano jet

    BeWell touch control panel

    BeWell sound with subwoofer