The O567C Luxury hot tub is a model for those looking for a family spa, but who are restricted by space. It measures only 1.98m on each side and can be passed through a standard entrance door. However, whilst the O567C Luxury may be smaller in size, it still delivers excellent performance.


Accommodating 5 adults - including 2 loungers - the spa provides a high performance massage via 2 4HP pumps and and a 1HP air pump. Its 67 jets are arranged to target different areas of the body, allowing for a different massage experience with every seat change.

Be Well 0567C Luxury Hot Tub

  • 199 x 199 x 82cm

    5 person (2 lounger, 3 seat)

    67 jets

    2 pumps (1 water, 1 air)

    Illuminated controllers

    Illuminated waterfall

    BeWell colour control panel